Wicked Salmon!


The fishing in Frankfort has been great for the past three weeks.  Lots of fish and good size.  Nice silver salmon with bright orange meat.  Perfect time to book a charter and fill the freezer.  The thermocline has not set up yet so the fish are scattered in the water column from 30 feet to 150 feet down.  Spoons are still hot and flasher/fly combo's are heating up!  Early and late the Moonshines have been deadly!  Raspberry Carbon, HV Blue Flounder Pounder and HV Blue Anchovy are all doing damage.  Silver Streaks in Farkelberry, Blue Mango, Angry Gnome and Happy Gnome have been good.  Some of our biggest fish are coming on smaller Dreamweaver spoons, Hey Baby and Mod Blue Dolphin.  And of course, Lucky Charlie keeps pounding em on the 300 and 350 copper.  We caught fish this week from the Arcadia Bank all the way up to Six Mile Hole in 120 to 150 feet of water.  Good luck and tight lines.  Check out Hammerhead Charters on Facebook to see pictures from last week's tournament.  Good times were had by all!!!  We still have one more tournament date available September 8-9 if you want to put a team together and fish the Monster Mania!

Best Spring Fishing Ever!


Here's a quick update before the weekend.  The spring fishery continues to be fantastic.  We're coming in with boxes of fish that look like August catches. There is a lot of cold water still and fish are scattered from the top down to 80 or 90 feet.  Riggers with spoons have been good at 49, 69 and 89 down.  Hot spoons have been the Gnome series from Silver Streak (Happy up high and Angry down low) Panty Ho UV and of course Lucky Charlie.  Wire divers out 121 and 151 have been fishing well with UV Spin Doctors and UV Silver Horde flies (on sale right now at the Tackle Box).  During low light the Moonshines have been good (Blue Anchovy UV, Happy Meal and Flounder Pounder.)  We are fishing 5 tournaments this summer and there is one still available to book (Manistee Monster Mania, September 8-9).  If you are interested in fishing this two day event aboard the Hammerhead, put together your team and give Captain John a call.

Fantastic Fishing


We are seeing some of our best Spring fishing ever here in Frankfort.  The kings are here early and in big numbers!  Boats are coming in with over twenty fish crammed in the cooler!  It has been mostly a spoon bite, but we have been getting some bigger fish on the wire divers with flasher/fly combos.  One good one has been a Dreamweaver Spin-Doctor in Blue Dolphin pulling a KRW Aqua Gold fly.  Our best spoon has been a Stinger Mixed Veggie on the 100 and 150 copper and Silver Streak Blue Chilly on the 350 copper and center rigger down 70 to 80 feet.  The Moonshines have been productive early and late in the day during low-light periods.  Flounder Pounder has been good and I have heard that Blue Anchovy has been hot.  River Rat has been killing fish with the Farkleberry from Silver Streak available at the Tackle Box here in Frankfort.  The fish are scattered right now, not really concentrated in any one place as the thermocline has not set up yet.  Wander around and you will find them.  Have fun and be safe.

Fish Up High


The fishing in Frankfort remains excellent. The north and east winds have moved the temperature break up to 20 feet. We got fish on the riggers early this morning down 25, 40 and 55 and the wire divers were good out 75 and 100. Later in the day it was mostly a lead core and copper bite. The five colors were the best with plugs. One had a pearl Tomic and the other had a bloody nose Silver Horde, both in the smaller size. The Happy Gnome from Silver Streak was good on the 200 and 250 copper. Lots of good catches this morning from the Herring Hole all the way to north of the lighthouse. Did not hear of anyone fishing Platte Bay this morning, but it wont be long and hopefully the Coho show up. Looks like great weather for the weekend, get out there and get some!

Good to Great


Fishing out of Frankfort has been good to great at times. Catches over the past ten days have ranged from eight to eighteen fish per trip. Most of the catch has been mature kings, but we have also been getting a few Lake Trout, some Steelhead and a few smaller kings. It has still been largely a spoon bite, although some of the bigger fish are coming on Flasher/Fly combos and we did have our first fish on a plug this week. A great spoon this week was the Modified Caramel Dolphin Super Slim from Dreamweaver. That was taking fish up high on a 100 and 150 copper. We are still running the Chilly Goose (or Happy Gnome) on our 200 and 250 and the Lucky Charlie on 300 and 350. When we had them out, the 400 and 450 had the Black Screwball, although temp was up pretty high this week and we rarely put them in the water. The corner riggers had spoons with free sliders down 35 to 55 feet and we had a big green e-chip with a Ken's Aqua Gold down the chute. The wire divers out 100 to 150 have been good but the high divers have been struggling to put fish in the box. We have changed baits and depths but can't seem to get them going. One buddy has done well on Slide Divers with spoons up high, something you may want to try. Good luck and be safe out there.

Huge Salmon


Last night we caught a King that tipped the scales at 27.25 pounds. Biggest fish that we have seen in years. For a picture, check out Hammerhead Charters on Facebook. I will post a full report as soon as I have a morning off. Fishing has been good in 100 to 150 FOW on mostly spoons. Plugs and flies are still a little slow. Temp is moving up and down, so watch your probe. This morning it was 55-60 down. Good spoons were Happy Gnome from Silver Streak, Lucky Charlie from Pro King, Happy Meal from Moonshine and Hello Darling from Dreamweaver. Good luck and be safe!

Return of the Kings


We have had several good trips in a row now, so I can safely say that the kings are back! We have been fishing as far south as the Herring Hole and as far north as Six Mile Hole and several spots in between. Tonight we had the heaviest box of the year with several fish over 15 pounds, the biggest was 18. He came on a 400 copper with a Black Screwball from Silver Streak. The same old baits have been working, so we have not changed much. Chilly Gooses up high, Lucky Charlie on the 300 and 350, and Black Screwball deep. The best flasher/fly combo has been Lester's Molester behind a White E-chip and a Wonderbread Spin Doctor pulling an Aqua gold fly. Riggers tonight were hitting at 44, 55 and 66. Wire divers were out 125 and high divers were at 200. The fishing has been excellent and the weather has been perfect. Calm seas and sunshine, and when the weather is hot there is no place better to be than out on the lake. See ya out there, Hammerhead.

Slow But Steady


Fishing is not red hot right now in Frankfort, but it is steady. We have been fishing for kings for the first couple hours in the mornings and then switching to Lake Trout to round out the catch. As a bonus there are some really nice Steelhead in the area as well. All the fish are well fed this year on the bumper crop of Alewives and Kings up to 29 pounds have been caught out of Frankfort. Last night the boat next to me landed a 24 pound king on Cowbells and a Spin n Glow. Go figure. Good baits have been Chilly Goose Silver Streak, Hello Darlin Dreamweaver and Charlies Special Pro King. White E-Chip with a Lesters Molester continues to land the big fish on a wire diver. Temp has been as deep as 90 feet and as high as 45 so check it with the probe or ask on the radio (channel 10) if you don't use one. Good luck, Capt. John

Slow But Steady


Nice mixed bag catch this morning! We had some really big kings, including a twenty pounder and one that went eighteen and a half along with some nice Lake Trout and Steelhead. The Lakers were up off the bottom and the Steelies were right on the surface. Riggers were good at 49, 69 and 89 with Moonshines early and then switching to Silver Streaks in Blue Sugar and Chilly Goose. Copper continues to help fill the box later in the day. We took fish on a 150, 250, 300, 400 and 450. A small Dreamweaver spoon in "Hey Baby" pattern and a Pro King in "Lucky Charlie" were the best baits on copper. I still cannot get a good bite going on the divers. We moved them around and changed baits but only managed one Laker on a wire diver out 150 at 1.5. When I figure out a good flasher/fly pattern I will keep you posted. Until then, have fun on the water.

Deep Water


Fishing in Frankfort is a little tough right now, but we did manage to get some really nice kings and one big Steelhead this morning. All that South wind blew in a lot of warm water, and the probe was still reading 59 degrees down 100 feet. We found some good temperature breaks out over 500 feet of water and just weaved in and out of the scumlines. Lots of dead Alewives on the surface marked where the fish were lurking and we picked away at them all morning long. Black Screwball and Blue Chilly from Silver Streak were both good and Hey Baby from Dreamweaver put several fish in the box, including the biggest king of the day, an 18.5 pounder on a free slider. The Screwball was on a 400 and a 450 copper and accounted for four kings. The Blue Chilly was down 120 on a rigger and took a couple. We moved the divers up and down through the water column and never had a bite. The fish are not here in big numbers yet, but should show up any day. The weather however, is perfect, and there is no better place to be than out on the lake, catching a sunset and a few fish with your friends and family. See ya on the water, Capt. John